Speaker Nicholas Mattiello to Receive Outstanding Public Servant Award

The Rhode Island Society for Human Resource Management State Chapter (RI SHRM) will present its 2018 Outstanding Public Servant Award to Representative Nicholas A. Mattiello, Speaker of the House, on February 7, 2018, at its Legislative and Employment Law Breakfast at the Providence Marriott. This award acknowledges the many significant contributions that Speaker Mattiello has made in advocating for legislation that affects positive changes in the workplace.

Speaker Mattiello is being recognized for his leadership and commitment, working collaboratively with human resources professionals and employers to promote legislation that improves the economy and the business climate in Rhode Island. He has sponsored legislation that is pro-business and consistent with the priorities of RI SHRM to improve Rhode Island’s workforce, and focused on job growth and economic development. The Speaker worked hard in 2017 with a diverse group of stakeholders, including human resources leaders and members of the employer community, to implement a new paid sick and safe leave mandate while addressing those issues of greatest concern to the human resource and employer community. As a public official, he demonstrated the ability to listen—to all sides, and, most notably, to ask questions to truly understand this complex issue and the potential consequences and impacts on employers and employees alike. He worked to develop realistic solutions and to arrive at an outcome that took into consideration many differing perspectives of the legislation. During his tenure in the House of Representatives, the Speaker has demonstrated his commitment to improve the state’s economy and job climate, and has sponsored legislation to reduce taxes, including corporate taxes, estate taxes, and the car tax. Speaker Mattiello has served in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, representing District 15 in Cranston, since 2006. He served as the Majority Leader from 2010 until March 2014 when he was elected by his House colleagues to the role of Speaker. The Speaker earned his BS degree in accounting and graduated from Suffolk University of Law. He is a self-employed attorney and currently practices in Rhode Island.

RI SHRM’s State Chapter Director, Cindy Butler stated, “Speaker Mattiello has followed through on his commitment to work with the business community. He has encouraged Human Resources’ and the business community’s involvement in shaping public policy. We are fortunate to have a public servant who is focused on improving the business climate in the state, and we are truly pleased to honor him with our 2018 Outstanding Public Servant Award”. Greg Tumolo, RI SHRM’s Legislative Co-Director, State Affairs added, “We know that he values our knowledge, experience and recommendations, and that he sincerely listens and respects the Human Resources profession.”

RI Society of Human Resource Management, 2018

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