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Frequently Asked Questions

A journey to growth and opportunities is best done with trusted partners alongside you, all advancing together. In this spirit of partnership, and with the goal of long-term maximization of membership benefits and growth for our members, RI SHRM is excited to announce that we are fully aligning ourselves with SHRM by implementing the Dual Membership Program.

You are cordially invited to join in on the journey. Connect, collaborate, learn, and grow!

Q. When does the Dual Membership partnership between RI SHRM and National SHRM take effect?

      • The go-live date for this strategic initiative is January 17, 2023.

Q. What if my National SHRM and RI SHRM memberships expire at different times?

  • The goal is to align your National and RI SHRM memberships to the same renewal date so that moving forward both memberships will be perfectly aligned, and you can renew both memberships with one, single transaction. 
  • If your local membership has expired, you will now renew it through SHRM nationals website. Please be sure to designate RI SHRM as your primary chapter.

Q. How will I pay for my membership?

  • Members will pay for their national and local membership in one transaction through the SHRM Store Dual Membership Page. The link to the page will be provided once SHRM transitions RI SHRM to a Dual Membership Chapter.

Q. How much will the total Dual Membership transaction cost me?

      • RI SHRM dues will be $60 for one year. If you decide to pay for multiple years, it will be $100 for 2 years (at $50/year), or 3 years at $120/year (or $40 per year). National SHRM dues are currently $229, making the total cost $289 for Dual Membership through both organizations.

Q. How do National SHRM and RI SHRM identify me?

      • Your National SHRM and RI SHRM memberships will identify you by your email address. It will be important to ensure that your email address is the same at National SHRM and RI SHRM. 

Q. I am currently a member of National SHRM. What can the Rhode Island local chapter offer me in addition to my National SHRM Membership?

      • Being a local chapter member provides you with local networking and an historical go-to resource. You have the benefit of meeting other local professionals and small business owners who are facing the same challenges you are and can assist you with answers to your questions. 
      • You will receive invitations to webinars, seminars, and professional development opportunities. We seek SHRM and HRCI certification credits for all eligible monthly chapter meetings. Additionally, there are leadership and volunteer opportunities to assist in professional development and to give back to the HR community.
      • We are the official SHRM affiliate (local chapter) for people living, learning, and working in the Rhode Island and Southern New England area. Here’s a chance to connect collectively, collaborate, learn, and grow!

Q. Why should I join National SHRM when RI SHRM gives me all I need?

      • National SHRM membership is now a requirement of having a RI SHRM membership, i.e., Dual Membership. The National SHRM membership offers many resources to save whoever manages the HR function time and money as they strive to stay compliant while creating a great workplace for their organization.
      • For instance, SHRM has an “Ask an Advisor” service, offering personalized guidance on specific HR questions or challenges. This is an impartial service that will help you to identify your options and perhaps narrow them down; helping you to make a more informed decision. SHRM also offers How-To Guides, sample policies, sample job descriptions, sample interview questions, and more!
      • If you opt not to become a Dual Member, you may attend future meetings as a registered, pre-paid, RI SHRM Affiliate (guest) for each meeting you choose to attend. The cost to attend an individual meeting as a RI SHRM Affiliate varies based on the event. (Those transactions will occur on the RI SHRM website.)

Q. Why is RI SHRM a 100% chapter, and how does it benefit me as a member?

      • We are looking to align ourselves with National SHRM in maximizing our members’ access to the SHRM Competency Model.
      • RI SHRM will now have access to nationally recognized speakers.
      • Via our alignment with National SHRM, credibility and strength in numbers will increase our effectiveness to represent HR professionals with grassroots efforts at the legislative level.
      • A streamlined pathway to receive the benefits of a national organization linked with a local perspective and presence resulting in double the expertise.
      • Educational programs and services focused on the SHRM Competency Model so that you can more quickly advance in your career or further your knowledge.

Q. What are the differences between National SHRM and RI SHRM?

      • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a global professional society.
      • Rhode Island Society for Human Resource Management (RI SHRM) is the official SHRM affiliate/local chapter for people living, learning, and working in Rhode Island and Southern New England..

Q. Can I belong to more than one local chapter at a time?

      • Yes, you can. However, you can only designate one chapter as your “primary” chapter. That is why it is important to ensure that your email address is the same for each. Please consider designating RI SHRM as your primary chapter so that we may meet or exceed our SHAPE and EXCEL goals while also receiving a small stipend from SHRM. Attaining these goals is what makes RI SHRM an award-winning chapter!

Q. Can you explain how the cost of membership and aligning as a Dual Member are reconciled?

      • MY NATIONAL SHRM MEMBERSHIP EXPIRES BEFORE MY RI SHRM MEMBERSHIP: If your National SHRM membership expires before your RI SHRM membership, you will be given the option to rejoin RI SHRM when you renew your National SHRM Membership, providing you with aligned membership dates. RI SHRM will then reimburse you for the portion of your previous RI SHRM membership that was not used..
        • If your RI SHRM Membership expires before your SHRM National Membership, you will not need to do anything. RI SHRM will continue your membership until your National SHRM Membership expires. At that time you will renew both your National SHRM Membership and your RI SHRM Membership.
        • You may elect to have RI SHRM donate your “overpayment” to the SHRM Foundation or request a refund check. If you wish to be issued a refund check, please send an email to membership.rishrm@gmail.com requesting your refund, to whom the check is to be made payable, and where the check should be mailed.
      • I AM A LMO (LOCAL MEMBER ONLY): You will be receiving a promotional offer to join National SHRM for 50% off the normal membership rate. If you do not see that in your email please be sure to reach out to membership.rishrm@gmail.com.

Q. I have more questions! Who do I contact?

To learn more about Rhode Island SHRM, visit https://rishrm.wildapricot.org/

To learn more about the Society for Human Resource Management, visit https://www.shrm.org

Dual Membership. Join the journey!

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