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WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT 3rd Quarter Article, October 2020

19 Nov 2020 11:00 AM | Alex Pastor (Administrator)

As we get close to concluding one of the most contentious and unforgiving years in the modern era, now may be the time we Restore, Rebuild and Reconvene to assist our employees as they return to the brick and mortar workplace.  

The question is: what does the workforce look like as employees return from remote work to a workplace that they may not even find recognizable? It seems that an orientation to the “new normal” may be in order, focusing on the trauma of working from home with little privacy, to reimagining what the workday may look like and feel like to the employee returning from more than 6 months in home confinement in some instances.  As the Human Resources profession pivoted from the brick and mortar workforce to a remote workforce and back again, HR has been at the forefront in managing these evolving workforce paradigms.  

Now, as the reopening phases begin, employees may be coming back to the office, factory, retail store, and other locations in large numbers.  How can HR lead this transition back to the workplace in a manner in which employees feel welcomed, unafraid, nor concerned about family left at home without childcare or family care, and can focus on the workload placed in front of them?

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